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Class InputParameterEditor
Note that a parameter editor takes over the entire editing UI for the object and not just the editing of specific parameters. The default parameter editor will derive names from the names of the respective fields just like the Unity inspector does. Also, it will respect.
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[閱讀筆記] Unity のエディター拡張 #3
《Unity のエディター拡張》後所留下的簡單筆記,有些邏輯因歷史原因不方便修改,CustomEditor
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How To Make An OdinEditorWindow
By inheriting from OdinEditorWindow instead of EditorWindow, you can make Unity editor windows in exactly the same way you make inspectors: by using only attributes. Protip: You can use the OnInspectorGUI attribute if you wish to mix custom editor IMGUI code together with Odin-drawn editors.
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Hello, we have started getting errors with our FMOD Unity integration in the editor recently. We are using Unity 5.2.4f1 and the FMOD Studio Unity Integration 1.08.04. We are not doing any specific platform build, just working for Windows on a PC. It looks like it has something to do with the OnGUI events. The errors we get on the console are these ones: It happens when we use a parameter on
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One very important thing about extending the editor in Unity is an editor script, which must be stored in an editor folder. It doesn’t matter where you put that Editor folder. I usually have, in my Scripts folder, a sub-folder with the module I am working on, in this case, UserDataManager .
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Unity-Editor-UI / DateTimePicker.cs / Jump to Code definitions UnityEditorUI Module IDateTimePicker Interface DateTimePicker Class OnGUI Method BindViewModel Method
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Unity Editor Scripting (A kick-starter guide) — Part 2
Unity editor scripting and discussed about how you can use Gizmos and Custom Inspectors to extend the capability of Unity editor. In this post, we will … Get started Open in app Asad Sohail 127
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Use Debug.Break() to pause Unity editor from the code

Debug.Break() has one more significant advantage over manual pausing and stepping forward. It can pause your game in the middle of an execution frame. This means that part of your object may be still waiting for the Update() call and the other part has already been updated. call and the other part has already been updated.
由于 Unity 編譯順序決定了 Runtime 腳本是無法調用 Editor 代碼的,但在Editor腳本中,第九到十一章。 介紹了 CustomEditor,我覺得介紹依舊尚淺而有些不明白。 CustomEditor 真是博大精深的領域,那掌握該該GUI的編寫還是非常必要的。
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unity3d – Editor Window
Unity UI itself is composed of Editor Windows ; you can open them (usually through the top bar), tab them, etc. Create a basic EditorWindow Simple Example Creating an custom editor window is fairly simple. All you need to do is extend the EditorWindow class
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To do that, we’ll have to use the built-in function OnGUI(). You probably remember this but back in the day, OnGUI() is used to draw buttons, labels, and other user interfaces in the game but ever since the new UI system is added to Unity, OnGUI()
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Unity in editor mode, OnGUI not called every frame Ask Question Asked 7 years ago Active 7 years ago Viewed 1k times 0 I’ve created a button which is activated by selecting the option from the gameobject menu. This button does nothing but However, theres
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How to Create a Custom Editor Window in Unity
When the Unity compiles this code, you will notice a new menu entry. Try clicking on it, and a new empty editor window will appear! Now let’s try to fill it with some content! Adding content To add content to our new editor window we have to implement OnGUI
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UnityEditor.HostView:OnGUI() Does anyone have a solution to this code and why the GUID could not be extracted? My game plays fine in the editor and can execute on command with the .exe file, however, the .apk file that is transferred to my Android device
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