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SCP-ZH-047 項目等級,SCP-ZH-047為1枝仿製 公司所生產之紅色墨水0.38中性筆外貌的產品,
項目編號,Safe 特殊收容措施,目前所有已知SCP-ZH-047個體就地收容於Site-ZH-12的異常物品保存櫃,並定期清點數量。進行實驗前需得到三級權限人員許可。 描述,目前個體數為28枝。

 · SCP Orientation is an archive of files of the SCP Foundation. Today we will be studying Item SCP-047: Microbial Mutagen, Object class: Keter. SCP-047 is a heavily rusted, breached gas cylinder made of an iron-[REDACTED] alloy. When exposed to open air, the material of the cylinder evaporates slowly, producing a previously undocumented mutagenic gas. This […]
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SECURE. CONTAIN. PROTECT. No news to report. If you enjoy the SCP FOUNDATION DATABASE, then please tell your friends and family who may be interested in this, as I am a new podcast-er and need all the help I can get to grow my podcast! SCP-047: http
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SCP Art: SCP-047 Microbial Mutagen, Jennifer Swann

SCP Art: SCP-047 Microbial Mutagen, Jennifer Swann ArtStation – SCP Art: SCP-047 Microbial Mutagen, Jennifer Swann Saved by ArtStation 8 Scp Creepypasta Foundation Deviantart Gaming Characters Fan Art Memes Board More information More like this
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Read SCP-047 from the story All SCPs (Book 1) by AnthM03 (AnthM03 – R-M) with 93 reads. scp, scps, scp-001. D-15978 infected with P-047-A, 2 days after initial
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SCP-047 deve essere trattato come un Rischio Biologico Contagioso di Priorità 4 in tutti i protocolli, ed è compresa la quarantena obbligatoria in caso di esposizione. La suite q047 è stata fornita, in aggiunta al laboratorio 047b, per questo scopo.
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Read SCP-047 from the story SCP Foundation by ShadowGwen with 68 reads. pericolosi, spazzolini, mostri. Elemento #: SCP-047 Classe elemento: Keter Crea una nuova storia Le mie storie Concorsi di …

SCP 047
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Pompa SUNFAB SCP- 047LNDL4- L Pompy - ogłoszenia znajdzto.pl
SCP-047-L produce en algunos sujetos, sentimientos de poder y control total, lo que los lleva a intentar robar los núcleos y estar constantemente envueltos sobre el traje. La manera por la cual estos efectos son causados, es actualmente desconocida para la Fundación.
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Sunfab SC,SCP series of SC034,SC040,SC047,SC056,SC064,SC084,SC108,SCP-034,SCP-040,SCP-047,SCP-056 fixed axial piston pump, US $ 500 – 900 / Unit, 1 year, OEM, ODM
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 · SCP-427, or the “Lovecraftian Locket”, is an SCP object that can be obtained in SCP – Containment Breach. Description [edit | edit source] SCP-427 is a small, spherical, ornately carved locket made of a polished silver material. It was created after placing a pill of
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Sunfab is a world leader in hydraulics. Technologically advanced hydraulic pumps, motors and, in particular, the first mobile lifting crane all originated from technology used by Eric Sundin for ski production in Hudiksvall. Ever since its foundation in 1925, Sunfab has
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SCP-047-1-1-A through -6 are identical to SCP-047-1-1 through -8. 12 seconds after being worn, an animal similar to that of a domestic pig (Lepus americanus) will alter its behavior when worn by an adult human. This animal, designated SCP-047-1-1-6, will begin
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