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Whats wrong with the make 2d in rhino 6? : rhino

It misses some vertical edges on pretty simple models for me. Ive tried adjusting the tolerance and other make 2d settings. The only solution for me is to made 2d in rhino 5. This is super frustrating because the main reason I got 6 is because of the “better and
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working with meshes in Rhino
 · rhino is a nurbs modeller and works with mesh objects only to help with stl production. This is actually a nice feature, but will not help with what you want to do. If you cannot get the original model in igs then import to maya, and render vector images; then save this
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Rhino WIP 7.0.20126 發布更新
Make2D: 非E文版 Rhino中使用 “Continuous” 隱藏圖層的問題(RH-57087) MeshSplit: 某些場合失敗的問題 ( RH-57844 ) ( RH-57855 ) OpenNURBS: 僅含m_V 的 ON_Mesh 開始測試面的有效性而不是 m_dV ( …
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I’m trying to make a 3D model on Rhino for my final project (architecture). I’ve tried to extract a small part of Paris but it doesn’t work. I need some blocks (2-3) around this location 48°49’31.91″N and 2°23’8.79″E.
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Rhino 3D PL » Make 2D / Rysunek2D

Make2D działa na wszystkim Od teraz polecenie Make2D obsługuje również siatki mesh, bloki i funkcje oznaczeń. Komponenty dla programistów Programiści rozszerzeń do Rhino mają teraz pełen dostęp do wszystkich komponentów polecenia Make2D.

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넙스NURBS는 한번에 완벽한 2D가 가능하다. 메쉬인경우 넙스로 바꾼뒤 view 포인트 설정후 Make2D
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McNeel Rhino Design, Model, Present, Analyze, …

Rhino 6 for Mac Rhino 6 for Windows Versatile 3D modeling Great for modeling free-form shapes. Grasshopper Programming, no code required. NURBS tools Flexible and accurate, NURBS models can be used from concept to production. Mesh tools Read and repair meshes and extremely challenging files.
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Rhino for Mac Bongo Flamingo Grasshopper Rhino Labs Rhino Developer Zoo Cloud Zoo Rhino Accounts and FAQ Archives Brazil r/s Penguin homepage.txt · Last modified: 2020/08/27 by sandy Page Tools Show pagesource Old revisions Back to top McNeel • •
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Comandos de Rhino [McNeel Wiki]

La lista completa de comandos le ayudará a conocer mejor Rhino. También le servirá para realizar scripts de Rhino. Para asegurarse de que el script funciona en todas las versiones de Rhino, debe escribirlo en inglés y añadir el guión bajo (_) delante de todos los nombres y …
Novità Rhino 6 – Rhino Academy
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Rhino 6 WIP version 6.0.17234.09201 (x64) 257.3 mb McNeel, a software development company with worldwide sales, support, and training, has released Rhino 6 (WIP) Work-in-Progress (version 6.0.17234.09201), is a CAD modeling software package that enables you to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.
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Novità Rhino 6 – Rhino Academy

Rino 6 presentato al DDD 2016. Giuseppe Massoni, official trainer di McNeel, ha tenuto un workshop introduttivo sulle novità di Rhino 6 è rimasto a disposizione dei partecipanti al DDD 2016, per rispondere alle curiosità di chiunque abbia voluto approfondire la propria
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Mesh-To-Hatch · Ladybug Primer

Mesh-To-Hatch – [source code] Use this component to bake a clored mesh into the Rhino scene as a series of colored hatches. This is particularly useful if you are trying to export ladybug graphics from Rhino to vector-based programs like Inkscape or Illustrator.
What's the best way to get 3D data from Google Earth/Maps into Rhino? : rhino
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Enregistrez Rhino Utiliser l’aide A propos des modules de Rhino Gestionnaire de licences pour groupes de travail (Le Zoo). Pour ouvrir Rhino en mode sans échec Listes de commandes Commandes de Rhino 4 Équivalence anglais-français des commandes
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Wish for Hatch and Make2d Component
Oct 6, 2016 – Hi David, I am on of the people who are using Grasshopper as a modeling extension and also as a great tool to get any kind of information like Lenght/Size/Area…